Breast Implant Malpractice

There are an alarming number of incidents of breast implant malpractice suits with the trend of plastic surgery increasing. People are confronted with so many options on whether to nip, tuck, lift or remove as long as the price is right. The price of human life is invaluable and there are many risks involved in any surgery whether it is cosmetic or not. When embarking on a new you it is always important to consider the risks that might be involved. The search for the best plastic surgeon can end in the need for the best malpractice attorney.

There are great risks attached to breast implants, and a lot of the issues are avoidable with the right surgeon. Conflicts with implant surgeries can include nipple sensation changes, infections due to leakage, deflation or rupture, bacterial infections, chest and breast pain, toxic shock syndrome, scarring, rippling or asymmetry.

The risk of permanent nipple numbness is about 15 percent. There are multiple causes for it but the most common during implant surgery is cauterization of the nerve that conducts sensation. It is very thin and easily cut or stretched during surgery. In most cases numbness can take up to two years to return but it is key to remember that the larger the implant the greater the sacrifice as well.

Implants are normally guaranteed by the manufacturer for life so if your implant is ruptured, leaks, or completely deflates, they are willing to pay up to the cost of the product, but the problem lies in the cost of the corrective surgery as well as the cost of life, when an implant leaks the fluids can circulate through your body and lead to major issues like toxic shock syndrome, or serious bacterial infections. Any candidate for breast implant surgery is susceptible to complications whether they use silicone implants or saline implants.

You can pay the cost for acquired beauty, but the cost of pain and suffering is not reimbursable. It is easier to avoid these tragedies altogether with careful planning. Be aware and don’t get confronted with a bad breast implant experience. Seek immediate medical attention if you notice symptoms like; swelling, burning, tenderness, rippling, excessive scarring or asymmetry. Some risks are attributed to the actual implant itself but some also to carelessness during surgery so don’t be afraid to ask about incorrect positioning, anesthesia complications or delayed healing and atrophy.  If you have been the victim of a bad breast implant surgery please fill out our form for a free consultation by a lawyer near you that specializes in plastic surgery malpractice.