Chemical Injuries in Chicago

Thousands of Americans are harmed by chemicals every year. Some of these casualties result from accidents, such as the spilling of hazardous agents. Many other cases are more subtle, and result from the exposure to chemicals that are found in less conspicuous places or in consumer products. Still other cases of physical harm result from the exposure to chemicals over a long period of time. The victims of chemical injuries are entitled to compensation for their physical pain and related hardships. It is these victims who need the services of an injury attorney Chicago.
Although chemicals lend much to the comfort, convenience and cleanliness associated with modern living, they pose many threats to those who use them directly or encounter them on an indirect basis. Benzene, which is found in medications, dyes and petrochemicals, has been linked to such blood diseases as leukemia and anemia. Ammonia, which is an ingredient in cleaning agents and is used in medicines and fertilizers, can be harmful to the eyes and the skin and can cause respiratory problems. Chloroform is important to the pharmaceutical industry, but exposure to it can adversely affect the liver, kidneys and central nervous system.
The health effects of many materials, including asbestos, tobacco and pesticides, are widely known. However, some products that by their nature should be harmless, including cosmetics and perfumes, may also contain chemicals that can adversely affect their users. Manufacturers and merchants can be legally responsible for ailments caused by the use of their products.
In accordance with federal guidelines, industries are required to take steps to protect their employees from dangerous chemicals. Nevertheless, accidents and injuries continue to occur as a result of the improper use, storage or disposal of these agents. On a larger scale, chemical spills on land and in the water have been known to cause great harm to entire communities. In such cases, a class action lawsuit may be the only way to compensate for the collective suffering by the employees of a company or the residents of a community.
Personal injury cases can be complicated. Corporations often employ legal teams that are dedicated to protecting their clients, even to the point of questioning the injury itself. It is for this reason alone that the victims of chemical injuries need proper legal representative to assure that their rights are protected. This can be achieved by securing the services of a personal injury attorney Chicago.