Indications of Nursing Home Abuse

Today, relatives are placed in nursing home to receive the proper care they need. Many live in nursing homes to rid their loneliness and have someone care of them. But with the increase of abuse in nursing homes, those who live there are not getting the care that is necessary, but are subjected to many types of abuse.

Nursing home abuse is any abuse, emotionally, sexually, physically, financially or psychologically, that is toward a resident in an elderly care facility. Elderly abuse is an act by a caregiver that causes any harm or risk of harm to an older person. The laws for abuse vary for each state, but do include exploitation, neglect and abandonment.

There is not just one sign of nursing home abuse that indicates abuse. There are signs that show there might be a problem:
1. Mistreatment or physical abuse such as bruises, broken bones, abrasions, burns and pressure marks.
2. A patient who suddenly acts withdrawn or depressed.
3. A change in alertness that is sudden.
4. Sexual abuse such as bruises around the genital area or breasts.
5. Exploitation may be seen as sudden changes in someone’s financial status.
6. Neglect can be indicated by bedsores, poor hygiene, unusual loss in weight or medical needs not attended.
7. Emotional or verbal abuse such as threatening and belittling by family members.
8. Frequent arguments between the elderly and the caregiver.

The NCEA (The National Center on Elder Abuse) is committed in helping local, state and national partners to ensure that the elderly live with independence, integrity, dignity and without neglect or abuse. The NCEA is a resource for health care, social service, families, researchers and the justice system.

An elderly in a nursing home can sue on many legal grounds, including mental suffering, assault, injury, pain and suffering, failure to provide proper care, neglect, fraud, breach of contract, failure to follow nursing home statutes and financial irregularities.

Nursing homes that are not properly treating residents can be accountable for not only the amount of damages suffered, but also for the punitive damages. Abuse, such as stealing from an elderly, misusing their funds or overcharging can all be actionable. The nursing home may be liable under breach of contract or fraud if they promised to provide certain accommodations and did not or could not. If you or a loved one have been a victim of nursing home abuse you may need plano counseling services to help you do with the trauma.