Prescription Drug Dangers

Every time a person picks up a prescription drug, the pharmacist goes over the possible side effects with the patient. Some side effects, such as feeling nauseated when the drug is taken on an empty stomach, can be easily avoided. Simply eating a snack or light meal can solve the problem before it even occurs.

Some drugs, however, have much more severe and potentially debilitating, or even life threatening, side effects. Sometimes the side effects become evident during clinical trials, while in other cases, the side effects are discovered after the drug has been on the market for many months. Many researchers theorize that side effects become more pronounced when the drug is taken for a long time. For example, even over the counter pain relievers, such as ibuprofen, can cause liver problems if taken constantly.

Vioxx is an example of an a prescription pain reliever, used to treat arthritis, severe pain in adults, and acute pain caused by menstrual cramps, that caused blood clotting in some patients. Blood clots can trigger strokes or heart attacks, and doctors often prescribe an anti-clotting drug to be taken simultaneously to reduce this risk.

Amnesia was a devastating side effect of the drug Mirapex, which was used to control Parkinson’s disease and Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). Statin drugs, such as Lipitor, which are used to lower cholesterol, have also been known to cause amnesia. One theory is that the production of cholesterol is blocked too well, so even the amount needed for proper neurological function is not produced. Once patients stopped taking these drugs, the amnesia disappeared.

Law suits have recently been filed against the maker of Zicam, which is a homeopathic drug containing the active ingredient zinc gluconate. Zicam claims to reduce the seriousness and length of the common cold and can be taken as a nasal spray or tablet. Side effects include severe burning after using the nasal spray, and the loss of the sense of taste smell and taste, known as anosmia, in some patients. The children’s nasal spray has been taken off of the market.

Prescription drugs should only be taken for the length of time prescribed by the doctor, and if any unusual symptoms occur, patients should contact their physician immediately. Sometimes adverse side effects are unavoidable, because every person can react differently to the same drug.

Dog Bite Injuries

Dogs are considered to be mans best friend, but every year in the U.S there are 4.7 million dog bite victims. Children are commonly targets. But are only a small portion overall. What can be done to protect and children and ourselves from being a victim of a serious dog bite? Many states now have laws concerning dogs that target dog owners to be more responsible. Dog owners can be sued for damages and medical bills incurred as a result of a dog bite.

Some statistics on dog bites:

In the United States, there are 74.8 million dogs.
Dog bites rank 5th on the list of most common reason for emergency room visits.
Statistics from the U.S. Postal Service says 2,851 mail carriers are bitten by dogs every year.
50% of dog bites happen on the dog owners property. (As in the case of the mail carriers)
Children bitten by dogs commonly age between 5-9 years old

Why do some dogs Bite?

There are many reason a dog may bite someone. Not all dogs are vicious and bite for no reason. Some incidences of bites occur from a dog being startled by someone approaching too quickly that the dog doesn’t’ know, and the dog bites out of fear. Children have been known to pull a dogs tail or eyes when their young or hit the dog, so in some cases it is the dog reacting to a situation that happened or has happened in the past. Injured dogs have been known to bite as well. Territorial aggression is another cause, especially when a stranger walks into the yard on the property.

Are there laws to protect us from dog bites?

Most states have implemented leash laws regarding dogs. A leash law requires the dog owner to have the dog secured on a leash when out in public such as during a walk or strolling through the park. Public parks and playgrounds also have leash laws as well as camp grounds and recreation areas. A dog must be on a leash unless it is in a house or fenced yard.

Some states have what is called a “One Bite Rule”. That means that the owner isn’t liable if someone is bitten once by a dog. But if that same dog bites someone else, the dog owner can be held liable. Therefore showing that the dog has aggressive tendencies. If it is labeled a “vicious dog” the owner will be required to take special precautions.

Most homeowner’s insurance has coverage for dog bites, and posting a “Beware of Dog” sign is helpful for alerting visitors and trespasser’s but may or may not protect you in case someone is bitten. It depends on the circumstances when the bite occurred. If someone was bitten while trespassing illegally on your property, you may be safe from prosecution. You would need to check with a lawyer who specializes in personal injury.

How do I report a dog bite?

A report can be made to any animal control agency or your local police department. If your case is serious enough please fill out our form for a free consultation with a lawyer.

Dangers of Airplane Accidents

Travel has become more advanced over the past century. The rise of motorized vehicles has dominated culture, and the airplane has created a means for traveling long distances in a short amount of time. The world without flight would be unfathomable to most at best, as it has become both an addiction and a necessity. However, as with all forms of transportation, there are dangers that are involved in flying to various destinations.

Many airlines claim that flying is by far the safest form of transportation and that accidents are rare. While it is true that accidents are rare, other complications with flying are quite frequent. There isn’t a day that goes by in which there are no problems or complications with flying equipment of some kind. Though planes are maintained on a regular basis, there is no way to control outside factors such as weather and even animals. In January of 2009, a United Airlines flight crashed into the cold Hudson River after it collided with a flock of birds in the vicinity. An emergency landing was in order. Though all of the passengers survived, their survival was attributed to the pilot’s years of experience and wisdom in such matters. This accident could have been fatal, causing hundreds of deaths.

One flight was not so lucky. Continental Express flight 3407 crashed into a neighborhood, killing those that were on board and one in the house it crashed into. There were a total of 50 deaths that night, attributed to the weather conditions at the time. Ironically, both of these previous crashes occurred within a few miles of the airport.

Despite the fact that both of these flights were major airliners, these are the safest forms of flying available. The major media generally only picks up the stories of large planes that crash, and tend to look over the numerous private flight crashes that occur all the time. According to Plane Crash Info, there are only 4.03 fatalities per million flight hours on major airliners. That number more than doubles to 10.74 for commuter flights and soars to 22.43 for private planes.

Flying is a dangerous activity and should be done only when necessary and with caution. Major airlines are much safer than small planes and should be used when possible. Though safety standards are rising, they still have a long way to go.

Personal Injury Attorney

plane accident lawyerNobody is exempt from becoming injured as a result of someone else’s negligence or wrongful way in conducting themselves. Unfortunately, there is a high incidence of accidents that lead to many deaths in the United States. This is why personal injury lawyers’ assistance is commonly sought. Chicago personal injury attorney helps people who have been injured due to the negligence of others. When this happens, a personal injury lawyer will guide their clients to obtain a compensation for any damages that occurred during a fatality. Through an aggressive representation, Chicago personal injury attorney will make sure that every case obtains the results expected. Personal injury lawyers work in different areas of practice such as: animal bites, aviation accidents, boat accidents, sexual abuse, car accidents, workplace injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, slip and fall among others.

Although aircraft accidents do not happen as often as other types of accidents, Chicago personal injury attorney is there to protect the rights of their clients in this aspect of the law. In order to determine the causes of an aircraft accident, lawyers must obtain more information regarding the accident. They often hire the services of experts in the area of aviation that can shed a light in the possible causes of the accident and present this evidence in court. Aircraft accidents may happen as a result of different causes. Pilot negligence, engine failure, poor maintenance, and air traffic controller error, defective parts may play an important role in the causes of an aircraft fatality. However, only through extensive investigation it is possible to pinpoint the causes of a particular accident, which has called for the assistance of a professional representation.

Typically, people who have been injured in an accident because of harm caused by a third party tend to seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer to file for a lawsuit. A lawsuit is when a person or entity formally opens a case in court, which makes the other party responsible for any injures caused. This is where the services of a competitive law firm specialized in the area of your claim comes into play. There are several law firms that offer competitive representation in cases of injury. The Sexner Law firm, the law offices of Eugene Hollander, Pintas and Mullins law firm, Rapoport law offices among others are available to represent personal injury cases in the area of Chicago. Each of these law firms has a vast experience in the different aspects of personal injury law.

Finding an Illinois Workers Compensation Lawyer

Illinois Workers CompThe need to get help can happen at any time but one of the most challenging situations to try and navigate is one where a person gets injured or hurt while on the job. This leads to a case where the employer must protect the rights of the worker and thus must compensate the injured party through Illinois workers comp  that helps pay the employee while they cannot work.

The majority of workers compensation claims are handled internally between just the injured employee and their employer, however, many issues can arise where the payments are denied, delayed or medical bills left go. This can all create a financially unstable environment for the injured party and thus the use of a workers compensation lawyer is required to get the best outcome so that the injured employee can receive the benefits that are rightfully due to them.

Locating an Workers Comp Lawyer in Illinois

Finding an Illinois workers compensation lawyer involves immediate action after the injury, accident or event that caused the worker to become hurt. This is important as bringing a lawyer in, who has a specialization in workers compensation, early on in the process will help in getting the issues resolved much quicker. Beyond the pain and suffering one experiences when injured at work; the loss of income and the mounting medical bills that occur need to be handled in the proper manner and thus the right workers compensation lawyer can help make sure that the employer makes good on their responsibility to care for their employee that was hurt while simply performing their job duties.

General Litigation

The Judicial Conference of the United States

In 1922, the United States Congress created a body called the Conference of Senior Circuit Judges to administer the federal judiciary. In 1948, Congress passed additional legislation and changed the name of the governing body to the Judicial Conference of the United States. The Judicial Conference handles the administrative matters of the federal court system.

Privacy and Public Access to Court Records

Court records include the case file of a lawsuit, records of any hearings, and information the court or clerk court prepares in connection with any judicial proceeding. A court’s management information and data (budgets, reports, and statistics) are also considered court records. Since computers make it easy to gather and store information, many courts have developed databases of information. This database is also considered a court record.


Damages in Civil Litigation

If a person experiences a wrong, injury, or loss due to the actions of another, the injured person may file a civil lawsuit against the offending party. If the injured person proves his/her case, the court will award damages. Damages mean a monetary award to the injured person. This article discusses the various types of damages available in civil lawsuits.


Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a federal law that was passed in 1966. It ensures government openness and accountability. The FOIA gives a person access to federal agency records. However, agencies are allowed (but not required) to withhold records that fall within nine categories. .

Opening Statements and Closing Arguments at Trial

A trial begins with opening statements by the attorneys for the litigants (the parties in the lawsuit). The plaintiff (the party suing) has the burden of proof in the case. This means the plaintiff must prove the allegations in his/her complaint in order to win the case. The standard of proof in a civil lawsuit is a preponderance of the evidence (the facts are more in favor of the plaintiff than the defendant, the party being sued.) In a criminal prosecution, the government is the plaintiff. The government has to prove a criminal defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.



Insurance Law

The Meaning of Reinsurance

Reinsurance is the process by which an insurance company shares the risk that it assumes when it issues an insurance policy. For example, an insurance company that issues a $1 million life insurance policy may reinsure or have other insurers assume $900,000 of the risk. The insurance company issuing the policy thus “cedes” most of the risk to one or more reinsurers.

 Methods of Selling Life Insurance

Life insurance companies may sell their insurance policies through full-time agents, brokerage markets, direct sales, or mass marketing.

Insurance Agents’ Acts Not Binding on Insurer

Insurance agents are the legal representatives of insurers. However, an insurer is not always bound by an agent’s actions. In some instances, the insurer will not be bound by misrepresentations made by the agent to the insured.

Basic Automobile Policy Contents

Automobile insurance policies normally contain the same five basic sections found in most types of insurance policies: 1) declarations, 2) an insuring agreement, 3) definitions of terms used in the policy, 4) conditions, and 5) exclusions. More…

  Aviation Insurance Pools

Insurance pools have developed in response to the magnitude of potential losses from an occurrence involving aviation. Aviation insurance generally covers risks arising from the operation of aircraft and ground facilities for aircraft. A single occurrence involving aircraft or an airport could result in catastrophic exposure that would exceed the capacity of a single insurer and its reinsurers. More…




Sexual Misconduct of a Doctor

A doctor is supposed to be an individual that one can trust with their health and well-being. When experiencing sexual misconduct from a physician, a patient may feel shocked and in disbelief. They may wonder if they are guilty of enticing the sexual misconduct, but they need to be aware that they are the victim in this scenario, and they deserve justice.

Sexual misconduct from a physician comes in a variety of forms and includes inappropriate sexual innuendos and consistent unnecessary touching. Some other cases, include a doctor discussing a patient’s sexual information to outside sources or taking inappropriate photos of a patient. A patient feels vulnerable in a doctor’s office, making it very easy for a doctor to manipulate the situation, and have a patient believing the sexual misconduct is okay.

A patient may be left wondering if they experienced sexual misconduct or if the actions were appropriate. Since doctors are meant to examine a body for signs of health issues, many sexual misconducts can go unnoticed. It is important for a patient to realize if they feel they were taken advantage of, then they need to reach out and receive legal help and advice.

To experience sexual misconduct from a doctor can be a traumatic experience for a patient, leaving them feeling vulnerable and manipulated. A patient who has experienced sexual misconduct deserves justice for what has been done to them. A patient should hire a lawyer to fight for them and their case. A Medical malpractice attorney Chicago will use their legal knowledge and skills to help a victimized patient take the appropriate legal action.

Reasons To Hire A Lawyer In A Wrongful Death Case

People find themselves having to deal with wrongful death cases in their families more often these days than in the past. Most wrongful death cases occur in hospitals or in doctor’s offices, but sometimes are the fault of non-medical accidents as well. When a loved one dies, it is hard to not think about the “what ifs” and if the death could have been prevented in some sort of way. A lot of times an accident is just that; an accident. There are those times where wrongful death case is legitimate and for that a lawyer that specializes in that field is the one who should be contacted right away. Mitchell Sexner is a Chicago Lawyer and can be contacted at his website:

It is very important to keep all records, reports, and any information obtained during the investigation close at hand. Having all that information when meeting with a wrongful death lawyer can significantly help a person’s case. A wrongful death lawyer can help a grieving family determine if the loss of their loved one could have somehow been prevented. The process of proving that was the case can be a long and stressful one; but is possible to accomplish. Finding a wrongful death lawyer that is trustworthy certified, and also shows support to the grieving family is very important.

Contacting a Lawyer

Many wrongful death cases go unnoticed due to a family not pursuing a case or contacting a lawyer to obtain information. Most consultations with wrongful death attorneys are free or only charge a small fee. Finding out if a loved one’s death could have been prevented is very delicate process and can be heartbreaking for a lot of families. Having a lawyer that can make the process seem less complicated and stressful is a big benefit when it comes to cases such as these. A wrongful death can be a burden on a family, but they deserve answers.

Why do you need a doctor for workers compensation?

There are several reasons that you need a Chicago doctor for workers compensation. The first reason is because the office wants to protect themselves. If one of their employees gets hurt on the job, they want the employee to find out what’s wrong. The company has to make sure the employee does everything possible to take care of their health, so there are no problems in the future. The employee could hire a workers compensation lawyer and sue the company for getting hurt at work ,and then the company could be held responsible for the accident. The company wants to make sure they are protecting themselves before allowing the employee to come back to work.

Another reason that companies require a note is because the business wants to make sure their inquired employee can return to work. The Chicago business and the employee may not know when its good for the employee to return to work. It should be up to a Chicago doctor to decide if the employee is healthy and ready to return to work. When the employee goes to the doctor’s office, it may be a good time to get a physical done as well. The doctor may discover another issue when the employee goes for their respective injured body parts.

These are just some the reasons that businesses require a doctor’s note; however, every business is going to handle the situation in a different way. You can be rest-assured that there is a reason that the business is requiring the note. In the end, it protects you.