Wrong Site Surgery

The thought of having an operation at a well-respected hospital, and having the wrong organ or body part being operated on is mind boggling, but the probability of that happening is a reality.

Poor pre-planning has been identified as one of the culprits of wrong site surgery. Good communication between staff members is essential to the success of any surgery. Poor communication can end up with mistakes or errors. Poor communication could be ascribed to personal conflicts, faulty procedures of staff technicians and fatigue. Errors in documenting the patients age, weight, medical history and past allergic reactions to medications can acquire disastrous consequences. Most hospital technicians have inadequate medical background resulting in faulty administration of medical care.

Too many surgeons involved in a surgery procedure that entails multiple procedures in a short period of time is risky. There might be misunderstandings of the procedures needed, failure to perform proper checks before the surgery and the failure to communicate with the patient have been documented. The luxury of having a one on one relationship with a doctor is a thing of the past being that most doctors are over worked.

In times of economical changes, hiring freezes and layoffs mean that the remaining staff must work harder and longer hours in overcrowded hospitals. This time constrained market can lead to extreme fatigue, alcoholism, drug addiction and affect the ability to make good sound medical decisions because it interferes with the messages to the brain and alter your perceptions, emotions, vision, hearing and coordination.

Morbid obesity is on the rise leading to an increase of gastric bypass surgeries in our hospitals. This surgery involves the reduction of the stomach pouch of about 1 ounce or less in size, and creating a stomach which is a small opening between the intestine and the stomach. The surgery involves the cutting and reconnection of tissues in which problems can arise leading to serious infections and or death. Some research suggests that part of the reason is due to inexperienced surgeons.

Surgical protocol involves conducting pre-procedure verification process by verifying the correct patient, identify the items that must be available for the surgical procedure, mark the procedure site, and last but not least perform a time out meaning that the surgery will not start until all questions or concerns are resolved. Failure to do so is a gross misrepresentation of the medical profession. If you or someone you know has been a victim of a wrong site surgery, please fill out our form to contact a qualified lawyer in your area for a free consultation.